RECLAR Galvanic Ion Water Peeling Device (Gold), reclar peeler review

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Selfcare Bundle Set
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Selfcare Bundle Set includes:

1. Reclar Gold Peeler
2. Deepalette Nail Gel
3. Reclar C-Control Brightening Mask - 2 sheets

Reclar Gold Peeler

Highly raved and award-winning device from Korea, RECLAR Galvanic Ion Water Peeling Device (Gold)* comes with a powerful 5 in 1 feature to help you combat your skincare concerns. This elegant device combines the technologies of ultrasonic vibration, galvanic ion, and blue and red LED lights to give you the skin you always wanted. It's 99.91% pure 24k gold-plated blade optimizes the results while minimizes skin irritation. 

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Deepalette Nail Gel

The latest and trendiest nail gel from Korea.

  • Ultra gloss and shine that lasts
  • Generous quantity - 53 nail strips - can be used for manicure (up to 2-3 times), pedicure and even kids
  • Strong adhesion - It can last for up to 2 weeks and more
  • Various nail sizes (12 sizes to fit the different nail sizes)
  • Trendy design 
  • Top coat/base coat optional

Reclar C-Control Brightening Mask

RECLAR sheet mask strengthens the skin barrier and brightens the skin complexion.

The 3 powerhouse ingredients, ceramide, and niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate together with 13 natural plants extracts, leave your skin brighter and richly hydrated. With its unique “adhering sheet”, the mask fits perfectly into your skin allowing optimal absorption of the essence.



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