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RECLAR Ion Double Care Toner Mist
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Pamper yourself this season with this perfect duo. It quenches your parched & dehydrated skin, giving you radiant and fresh look throughout the day. 

This set consists of:
1. Reclar Ion Double Care Toner Mist device
2. Reclar Camellia Soothing Essence

The first mist with ionization technology, RECLAR Ion Double Care Toner Mist provides optimum hydration and nutrition to your skin. Powered by ionization technology and patented ultrasonic vibration, the mist binds the active ingredients into your skin allowing it to get absorbed deeper and faster. Your skin will get the benefit from every single drop of the mist.

Pair it with potent RECLAR Camellia Essence specially developed for the mist.

Minimal, compact size and light weight. You can carry it in a pouch, use it anytime and anywhere you need. It is suitable for all skin types.

Learn more about the mist here.

Camellia Essence (100ml)
Developed by VANT 36.5, this invigorating solution hydrates and protects your skin. Unlike other mist with high water content, this mist is made of 50% Camellia Japonica Flower Water. Camellia Japonica is known in Japan as "Tsubaki" and has been a treasured beauty secret of many Japanese women. It has a remarkable ability to retain moisture.

Combined with 15 fruit extracts, it gives your skin mega antioxidant and antipollution boost against the damage from free radicals.


RECLAR Ion Double Care Toner Mist helps to restore your skin barrier and keeps your skin hydrated and fresh all day long. Learn more about the mist here.

4 Unique features:

1. Advanced ionizer
RECLAR Ion Double Care Toner Mist is supercharged with its ionization technology to bind the moisture into your skin like a magnet.  Instead of evaporating away, the active ingredients and moisture is absorbed deeply into your skin.

2. Superior absorption
The device can release ultra fine particles with 160kHz ultrasonic vibration. An automatic frequency tuning system improves spraying efficiency of toners, which helps to increase skin hydration.

3. Exclusive essence
Camellia Essence, developed by VANT 36.5, gives your skin antioxidant and antipollution boost. In addition, 3 different solutions, formulated together with Dr. JSK, plastic surgery specialist, were developed to deliver potent active ingredients into your skin.

4. Compact and elegant
An attention-drawing fashion accessory. Its compact size and light weight make it easy to carry anytime & anywhere.

When to use:

Use it right after cleansing your face, before your skincare routine. It boosts the effectiveness of your skincare products.

Before applying makeup, moisturize your skin with the mist. It helps recover the balance of oil and water, preps your skin to give you a smooth and flawless makeup.

Spray the mist frequently on your skin throughout the day as and when necessary for an intense glow.

Question: Does it require cable charging?
Answer: No, the device is battery operated

Question: How often should I use the spray?
Answer: That depends on you and the condition of your skin. The spray can be used multiple times a day if you have very dry/dehydrated skin.

Question: Should I use the spray rather in the morning or in the evening?
Answer: You can use the spray in the evening as part of your skincare routine. It will boost the effects of applied serum or cream. It is also advisable to use the spray in the morning before make-up. The application is very simple, it fits into your handbag and can be carried into a plane.

Question: Can I use another toner/essence?
Answer: This product requires the use of a dedicated toner/solution that matches the intensity of the mist spray and the amount of spray. It is only suitable for a liquid of certain viscosity. The use of another toner/essence may damage the spray and void the warranty.

Question: Can I fill the device with water?
Answer: Yes, if you’re out of RECLAR solutions you can use water as well. However, for the best effects, we recommend buying RECLAR solutions.

Question: Can I apply the ION MIST on make-up?
Answer: Yes, the spray can be applied before or after make-up.

Question: How do I clean the product?
Answer: The nozzle is sterilized by the UV lamp while it's being used. As such, there is no need to wash it. You may wash the solution container separately if you wish.

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