RECLAR Galvanic Ion Water Peeling Device (Gold), reclar peeler review

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Hydration Care Set
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Hydration Care Set includes:

1. Reclar Gold Peeler
2. Reclar Ion Double Care Toner Mist
3. Reclar Camellia Essence
4. Reclar C-Control Brightening Mask - 2 sheets

Reclar Gold Peeler

Highly raved and award-winning device from Korea, RECLAR Galvanic Ion Water Peeling Device (Gold)* comes with a powerful 5 in 1 feature to help you combat your skincare concerns. This elegant device combines the technologies of ultrasonic vibration, galvanic ion, and blue and red LED lights to give you the skin you always wanted. It's 99.91% pure 24k gold-plated blade optimizes the results while minimizes skin irritation.

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Reclar Ion Double Care Toner Mist

The first mist with ionization technology, RECLAR Ion Double Care Toner Mist provides optimum hydration and nutrition to your skin. Powered by ionization technology and patented ultrasonic vibration, the mist binds the active ingredients into your skin allowing it to get absorbed deeper and faster. Your skin will get the benefit from every single drop of the mist.

Minimal, compact size and light weight. You can carry it in a pouch, use it anytime and anywhere you need. It is suitable for all skin types.

Camellia Essence (100ml)

Developed by VANT 36.5, this invigorating solution hydrates and protects your skin. Unlike other mist with high water content, this mist is made of 50% Camellia Japonica Flower Water. Camellia Japonica is known in Japan as "Tsubaki" and has been a treasured beauty secret of many Japanese women. It has a remarkable ability to retain moisture.

Combined with 15 fruit extracts, it gives your skin mega antioxidant and antipollution boost against the damage from free radicals.


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